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Lirik Lagu Rohani Christon Gray Feat JGivens - Wanna

School Of Roses, baby
I feel like it don't matter anymore
Used to the way the world turns
But I must say it spinning really fast when I look at us
I just

If I was just a few years younger
Girl, I could be your boy wonder
You could be my prima donna
What I'mma write for my daughter?
Got a ring on my finger
But it feels so guilty to get to slip it off when I fold my hands
She been looking at me all night long, and I know I can

I just
I just wanna give you my number
The girl like snow in the summer
Yeah, she's a conundrum
I keep it undercover but I

Shouldn't, but I wanna
Throw a quarter in the sky before it falls to the ground
I gotta call heads or tails
Throw my nickels and my pennies and my dimes in a wishing well
I just

Wanna be your triple digits
Be a millionaire for a minute
Make some lemonade with these lemons
But I could barely pay attention
I don't even know why I'm signed to a record label with an artist and repertoire
Cuz' nobody in CHH a superstar
They see Lecrae go crazy
But I don't wanna swim in the mainstream
Life guard, you better come save me
It could be a long way down, maybe

Told myself to please stay strong
But she stayed long and the DJ's going
She ain't going home and I
I wanna say bye
I wanna get away
Don't you think of me and her
She can't go
And please stay close
And you know how it goes
And I
Gotta say bye
Gotta get away

Man, why this always gotta happen to me?
A song of a siren caught my iris
Slow wind from her island just crashed into the
Coastline and Poseidon attacks the new me
You know she know she bad, Mike Jackson-ily
And she just wanna thrill a man
Then a hand, scribbling off of the wall

Started with:
Dog, really she just wanna kill a man
Hope floats boats
But when Gilligan’s on the wheel again
And he’s fiddling with demonic riddles on that Ritalin
And the minnows in sin
In the wind

Like in the willows and spinning like ceiling fans
You just need to heal her man
She just wanna share my light, I stole that line from an ab-soul loose leaf
Hold it Gray
I know the pain
Tryna be the holy homie protege
Then I sank in the ocean
And can't swim good

Frankly, this overdose on Novacain hurts the feel
Abba, Father, shouldn't but I wanna got a wife and daughter
Water water all around me
Yet the thirst is real
I’m praying
My eyes closed, I’m swangin'
Aiming for the fence but the game is dangerous
And the King stayed hanging
Save him
Show em how Nothing was the same then