Lirik Los Rakas - Roll Up

And I don't give a fuck, some niggas I with popping them mollies
I'm rolling up (Yeah we do it like this) x4

Aye I don't fuck with the E, I don't fuck with the coka
Nigga like me, more like a smoker
Nigga like you, more like a joker
I be off that hen rolling up like I'm supposed to

Roll up, wait hold up
We got all this tree, but we ain't got no blunts
And you hear what this song about
Ah fuck it bring the bongs out
Yeah, it's the ganja farmer
The cultivator of the marijuana
Mister motivation and medication
And I don't give a fuck no explanation

See I'm rolling up every time I go out
Not, I'm rolling up every time one goes out

I'm rolling up like approaching the spot
I'm the man on the mother fucking block
West Side!

Ice cold hits from the bong yeah I smoke till I'm gone
Pretty bitches on my arm uh
Yeah I do it like this, roll up two hits
What I'm on two fifths
Man I'm running though zips and pounds
All on your bitch I got my dick in her mouth, huh
Weed and Xanie bars yeah that's all I need
Name another Mexican as high as me, Berner

Weed and Hennessy is all I need (is all I need)
I'm a rakataka until I D-I-E
Back that thing up let me see you do it for a G
Long hair yep yep I don't care
Roll one for a negro put it in the air
Every day is 4/20 when you over here
Every day is 4/20 when you over here

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