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Lirik Lud Foe - Suicide

I don't feel that nigga, he don't feel himself
When we get on his ass make a fuck nigga kill himself
I got that thang on me, I just let it hang out
A nigga run up on me wrong, its gon' be a bang out
I'm a drug dealer, bring the cocaine out
I be on that hot shit, bring the propaine out
I pour some honey on a snow bunny
Then I send her on the road just to hold for me
Come with shorts lil bitch, I need some more money
I got money growing roots, yeah that's old money
I'm ridin' big whips they call me lil wheel
And you know I keep a tool like I'm bob the builder

Late night, war time, bring them thangs out
Make a fuck nigga blow his own brains out
Make a fuck nigga "X" his own name out
They was sleepin' on me when I first came out
They tryna see how far go from where I came now
These rappers copy-catters, heard they want my lane now
We'll turn a nigga house to a haunted house
Ain't nobody put no food in my momma house
I was all on my own, kidd helped me out
I heard you gettin' a lil money but you runnin' out
Thought it was funny then, do you think its funny now?
If you ain't hear me comin', can you hear me comin' now?

We pull up on your ass, don't be runnin' out
European ass clip, ain't runnin' out
Ridin' European ass whips I brought the 40's out
These hoes like a nigga swag, I'm havin' orgies now
I jumped off that porch at a early age
Fuck around and lose your life, actin' too brave
Bad boy, I done felt my daddy 12 gauge
With the juvenile, I got out on a rampage
Bitch I'm too cut, might need bandades
Wassup with all these niggas tryna throw shade?
All I see is blue cheese through these new shades

You still on that old shit, I'm on a new page
I be dogging all the hoes, I need a new cage
I'm ridin' in that big body, I need two lanes
You'de think I rob casino, got so many chips
You'de think I was a slave, got so many whips
You'de think I was a Frito, got so many dips
Gun so big, can even fit on my hip
Hit the club off them drugs, then we start trippin'
If we can't get in with the Glock, we parkin' lot pimpin'
She like my pimp walk, she like the way I'm livin'
I can teach you boys a lesson if you pay attention
I'm out west 290 nigga mind your business

How the fuck is them your niggas if you in competetion?
How the fuck is you a killer if you ain't kill the witness?
Already know I'm blowin' up you, just at back, a witness
Fuck around make me send my shorties on a mission
I lost my uncle Boochie and I'm still trippin'
I guess that be the reason why I'm still sippin'
You get killed for your chips nigga now I'm dippin'
Long nose '45, Scottie Pippen

Alotta bodies on that bitch and we still drillin'
You a beginner, you a pretender, I'm a sinner
Mouse trap for a master splinter ass nigga
We ride 40's all these bad hoes adore me
Young nigga, I lost my mind when I was a shorty
I just put some new bullets in a old forty
And if he holdin' on that work we'll poke shorty
Like he was a backwood, we'll smoke shorty
And hell nah, we ain't friendly, I don't know shorty
I got alotta shorties that a blow for me
So don't say what you don't mean if you ain't on nun'
This bitch keep on yellin' out smoke some
I told that bitch to bend it over, let me poke some
If the police snatch me up, I don't know nun'
And lock me in I'm boundin' out, that ain't no money

You comedian ass nigga, you think you so funny
So many carats in my chain, I attract bunnies
Flow like a bumble bee, I attrack the honeys
I rob the plug, now I got the trap house jumpin'
We beat down your door like Jehova witness
I drive a old-school like a senior citizen
I try to tell these fuck niggas, they ain't wanna listen
Ain't gon' be satisfied until some body end up missin'
I'm YSN bitch, young street nigga

How you leave your home and you ain't got your heat with you
If you ain't get no money I don't wanna meet with you
You ain't a real nigga I don't wanna eat with you
I'm a cold-hearted nigga, I might let that heat hit you
My momma always told me, son don't let them streets get you
Already too late, 'cus I'm a street nigga
Turn your location on, we can meet nigga
I don't rap beef, I leave it in the streets nigga
And you don't clap heat, you just a wannabe nigga