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Lirik Madchild - 50 Seven

I don't give a fuck - these rappers, they are hella plain
Wrap my lyrics around their heads like fuckin' cellophane
Half these rappers are bitch made, they hella fake
Gay pride weekend is their time to celebrate
I got money in my pocket but I'm pretty frugal
I'm your worst fucking nightmare, I'm Freddy Kruger
Totally in tune with treachery, my secret recipe
An evil leprechaun that carries lethal weaponry
Little Monster spitting crazy, your uncommon fluid
I'm a little bit explosive like I'm bombing fluid
Atomic music, strong, abusive, I'm a blond reclusive
My mind is totally gone, little King Kong, I'm gruesome
I got a killer flow, I'm fierce and I am militant
That means the kids ain't fuckin' lying when I'm killin' shit
Used to be a little fuckin' party crasher
But now it's the invasion of the body snatchers
I jump off stage, they gon' probably catch me
In the mosh pit, I'm awfully obnoxious, batshit
Get stabbed with a chopstick
Demented goblin with mental problems
My heads revolving
Madchild, you were fuckin' with the wrong guy
He'll banzai and do a fuckin' swan dive
I'm Madchild, on the mic I squash kids
I'm apeshit, jump into a booth and break shit

Little bad wolf drooling in a blue bonnet
Mentally I'm fucking plagued like the bubonic
Ain't nobody fucking with me cause I'm too on it

Iron packer, guerrilla fighter, and data pirate
My songs are sad and violent, that's why I got mad admirers
I'm like a fucking tank destroyer, I'm an evil infant
My family love me but these other people keep their distance
Please believe it, I'm an evil egomaniac
Kids, they hear these crazy raps
And jump for joy like Shady's back
I could've made it but I lost to fucking [?]
A sneaky fuck like I was Marky Mark in Contraband
These words exploding in my mouth like fucking pop rocks
Feel like I'm racing Father Time holding a stop watch
Things are slowly heating up like in a crock-pot
Top notch, you don't like it? Suck a dick with crotch rot

Yo, my voice is poisonous, my lyrics are the lethal-est
Captain of the ship and I am fly like the Prometheus
Half man, half immortal, call me Theseus
Demigod to all these creepy people, I'm the freakiest
I'm filled with venom and my face look like a bulldog
Smoking since I'm twelve, sounding like a baby bullfrog
And when it comes to spitting bars, I'm a lifer, the Pied Piper
B-Rabbit, no Mekhi Phifer
Nobody fuck with me you celibate fucks
You could suck a donkey's dick and lick an elephant's cunt
I'm a hell of irrelevant, wrath star, a black heart
Nascar, I'm a fast car, the track star
I've got the sickness, voices talking in my head
Wouldn't mind but hear 'em talking and I think they want me dead
They're plotting to assassinate the emperor with a temper
I'm trying to find some balance in my life and find my center
Listening to your asses like I'm suffering, huffing chlorophyll
Morally I'm shallow, orally - welcome to horrorville
The devil's reject, I'll paint a lousy portrait
Then move into a haunted house filled with a thousand corpes
I sit in dark corners laughing at myself
I'm a one way, third class passenger to hell
And I have caused catastrophes, I'm casting up a spell
I'm a bastard, mentally a disaster, you could tell