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Lirik Montana Of 300 - Angel With An Uzi

Like if God had wrote the bible
This is straight from the mouth of the person who made these verses
Can't change the words on this album
I'm loading my gun while reading 48 Laws of Power
The rapper that taught you how to acknowledge the higher power
Not eating bullshit they feed us, I duck it like Robert Thompson
I'm the son that he's proud of, that's linking you like a browser
They beat you therefore you cowards
Slave owners is who you bow to
I'm on a whole 'nother level, Vegeta gon' need a scouter

I am the hottest outchea
Don't need no label to vouch, yeah
I'm wilder than Rockwilder
That's high off the gun powder
Came from the dirt like a flower, fuck nigga don't ever doubt us
My regulators 'gon mount up and wet you up like a shower
Fly high as the Lord allow us
While keeping fuck shit from 'round us

The flyest killas you know like them pilots the twin towers
I'm getting gwola, I'm getting hotter, my future's blazing
The lava flowin, I got it going, I'm too impatient
I'm cold as hell like I'm cool with Satan, I'm too amazing
I've been in my glo like a super saiyan, you used to hating
Forever hustling, might catch me in heaven selling spirits
If you saw my bitch, you swear there's an angel in heaven missing

Bars so hot you would think I sat in the devil's prison
They say Jesus coming, I'm starting to think he'll never visit
If you are listening, you are witnessing exorcism
The best description is: heaven sent him, he's blessed for rhythm
Father to my sons I can never be no deadbeat
And still saluting pops because I never forget who fed me
Pain is what prepared me, struggle ain't never scared me
Beef with anybody, I love my nigga; you dead meat

And I don't mean to brag, but pardon me like the red sea
And I ain't grocery shopping but I'll be where the bread be
I got this rap shit on lock, that's why they dread me
Ask Satan who he fear most of all and that nigga said me
Bitch I'm so mothafucking cold I can summon souls
And I can make the summer cold flow go diamonds cold
I get more money on the road, then the fucking toll
Like strippers catch me with that dough and the fucking pole
Sliding on them like debit, I'm trained to shoot like I'm Riddick

I lay you down like some edges, and show you pussies what wet is
I studied you, did my research, learned how you work like a medic
Come out the cut with that chopper, I take shit out when I edit
I'll shoot your ass like a movie, and then I roll like the credits
I put in work on my own, bitch my middle name calisthenics
I remember when I was starving, remember when I was broke
Remember hating that feeling, didn't wanna feel it no more
I remember bagging up dope and selling it like a Bo
When worried 'bout getting poked, had nina under my coat
Remember when y'all was sleeping, remember when I was woke

I was up perfecting my flow, now I'm getting bread by the loaf
The same ones that used to divide us, edit bibles to blind us
Beat us killed and deprived us, and we gon' let 'em guide us?
The best disguise is a book, you know they demise us
You wanna rise up nigga, you better rise up
You think for God like he's hiding but he's inside us
Wakes us up everyday but you still ain't opened your eyes up
I can provide the truth for you, even provide the proof for you
Stupid folks ain't gon' get it, you stick would who tied the news for us

The same ones who tied the knot and put that rope up
Been telling lies to get the common people's hopes up
And everything that they printed, you chose to soak up
The jokes up, they ain't fear us until we woke up
My 40 on me plus God with me, I ain't alone
Yes I'm that nigga they hated on, heart made of stone
They came a long way taking losses but staying strong
Said I wouldn't make it but they was wrong, my paper long
Picasso, any canvas I ever painted on

They play my songs and debate upon my greatest poems
Now that the kids can sing along, I'm breaking bones
They faith is gone, they wish they was on like Game Of Thrones
Can't chill with fake men, I'd rather spend all of my days alone
I seen more snakes than Medusa before my face is stoned
And you know God is not the author of confusion

Do you really rock with God or were you bribed with an illusion?
Hoping at them pearly gates, he'll pick you up when he's choosing
And your chances isn't ruined by the sinning you've been doing
As soon as that karma set in
Forgive me father I'm begging
I'm thankful for all my blessings and instantly start confessing
You need to be taught a lesson

See y'all was charged with possession
I mentally store artillery, every thought is a weapon
I'm perfect for Armageddon, curing the narcoleptic
I'm just giving my gift, so I rap my past with my present
I'm spitting bars with a message, not here to spar with you Reverend
I ain't going against God, cause I came across him with questions
Yeah, I can make you pause for a second, hell
I don't wanna go if my loved ones ain't all in heaven