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Lirik Stardom Panda (Remix)

Remix, the remix, the remix, the remix
Them man theyre are my sons in my semen
Out here bobbin and weavin
Bare new teeth i ain't teethin
Grindin from morning to evening
Sleeping on me must be dreaming(dont bother)
Sleeping on me must be dreaming
Ill bring out the broom if youre cleaning(cleaning)
Im gassing that was the old me
Stars line up hoops bitch im kobe
From the jungle like mowgli
Penthouse, feet up im cosy
Bitch you wasn't with me shootin in the gym

Wasn't with me on the wing and in the bin
Murder tunes, jack the ripper
I got deals fam, im bicester
I get uck from your sister
Shopping in milan is what im inter
In the 6 with my woes
No lacking still keep a pole
You dont know about badness
Lowe it, you still ride out with your phone

Been chilling we'll bring out the old star
Old school with viggy in the pulsar
Test me bring out the old star
Ill stick man like im omar
I run shit like im marlo
When im at home in my bathrobe
I get bread, i get hardo
Why you think your bitch wants ricardo
Man came up with skatty in the alley, with paddy

Used to pass it like xavi
I used to get it with the bally
Move aggy with the maggy
Shout my killers in manny
I was over there playing hardball
Call of duty on hardcore
Get to mashin like hardporn
I get the pack gone by half 4
Beg you dont test my patience
They must wan' end up as patients
Memba corning

Tell my og i nearly thanked the lord i said amen
Raised by wolves in some doggarts
Got the dub like its danceall
Did it straight with no dark arts
Magic wand like its hogwarts
Shes like how come youre so friendly

When i got paigons tryna dead me
I went out with it full
But i came back with it empty
Summer lane, white suits
Looking for a gp on my hands
Said someone got touched in hockley

Fuck knows i was playin fifa
In erdington at selinas
Washed my body in vinegar
And took my clothes to the cleaners
Bro dont tell me about ninas
Stars had nutten im a dreamer
Posted up on the block

With a twix and ribena
Used to never could rap
But man knew i made it slap
I been bezzie mates with the cats
I done bad things for the cash
Please dont mix me with these guys
Used to go madhouse for my levis
They said Play footy and be wise
By my house i had three 9's
Man were running it red
Putting p under the bed
Didn't give a fuck about feds
Ting cocked with one in the head
Midlands tavern, i swear down about 20 hammers

Stars been dread like jammerz
Them man are moving fishy like salmon
Let me tell you bout birmingham
B6 yeah its in birmingham
Slash L.O.Z its in birmingham
B23 theres murders
DNA man ride on gileras
Remember peng gyal used to air us
Now man ride in carreras
In the middle of the field like herrera