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Lirik Vee Tha Rula - Gang

Hard to be humble but you love my ego
How you went open book, I barely read you
I'm saying, sometimes it's nice to hear the shit that you say
About how my random shit be making your day
Know you know about them alumni niggas
Them fashion killers, getting dumb, high niggas
The way we spreading like some funghi niggas
Yeah this shit is kinda awful but I'm glad that you came through to hear about all these crazy stories that you can't relate to

Shout out to Brazy, my nigga and [?] know his gang too
Grass getting blown, I think Jay brought the flame through (argh)
These niggas popping, they jaw-stopping, I'm chopping with conscience, we plotting, we jotting you off
Man the world rules us off, now you all is like we taxing niggas, [?] got it out the [?] from my feet that's connecting nigga
Diversion, niggas better get up out my faction niggas, if you niggas acting then it's action, and I do this for my motherfucking gang

Yeah I'm all up on your radio, yeah your girl got us on her cellphone, yeah, even when im gonna rap home
That's right, I do this for my motherfucking gang
Where my niggas tell the DIE, if you with it come ride with me
Man I even got it tatted on me
That's right man, I do this for my motherfucking gang

We really came up from nothing just dollar menu and nuggets, order pizza don't stop at the crust we ain't got enough
Tell me who gave a fuck when we were broke and just coming up, and they wanna be on your wire soon as your blowing up. i got you nigga like these nigga should've had it, we are addicted to living life and im still an addict
My life is pistol baggin at the crib you should've had it, they can't bring a balance see that's challenge that's a son of imagine that would be my palace
[?]this is shit automatic grab on her fatty while i watchin a snap of dj khaled i need a palace nigga cus we need [?], we stally, we wauw, sometimes you gotta come for tyhese checks we got it for now, i know you got it for later, money starting to pile, started with just us but know your starring the crowd, started locking us up, the flight was holding us down, and i'll be holding it down cus i do this for my motherfucking gang