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Lirik Young Dolph How Could

Uh huh!
Real nigga shit
Aye light that weed up bruh
Gimme some rubber bands
What's poppin lil mama?

How could a bitch so bad pussy be so good? (So good)
How could a million dollar nigga be so hood? (It's dolph)
All that ass she got that's why she walk like that, yeah
All this cash I got that's why I talk like that!
Balmain and margielas what I'm rocking, (Aye aye!)
200 in my skinnies you know how I'm rocking (Racks!)
She signed for it and called and told me that she got em
That's my trap bitch she just want some red bottoms

Bought a Rolls Royce just to smoke kush in it
This carbon 1-5 got a hunnid bullets in it
She bad and she paid
That's my kind of bitch
These niggas counterfeit, (they fake!)
My old school sick!
My bitch too thick... yo bitch look like a motherfucking toothpick
I just poured up a four and poured some out for Pimp (RIP Pimp C)
I took this South Memphis shit and I went worldwide!
I smashed her for 30 minutes then told her open wide (Take that)
If you bout paper then let's get it cause so am I
Multi-million dollar nigga smoking blunts on the block!
Remember we ain't have shit but grandma, she did her best
From the projects to private jets picking up check after check
Wanna know what a hunnid thou look like just look at my neck
I'm drilling yo bitch from the back and still got on my Rolex
In the club passing bitches out bottles of Moet

Skinny nigga, big bank, my auntie walked up in my spot and she said "Boy this shit stank!"
I got pills, I got drank
Called yo' bitch up and got laid
Called the plug up and got paid
Got a 400 thousand dollar coupe parked outside in valet
I got a hundred dollar taper fade
I pour lean in my lemonade
Ain't no telling what a nigga might do (Uh huh!)
Get too close to me then my lil' niggas might shoot (Paper route bitch)
Lil' nigga stay fly like I went to flight school
I'm living the life, I'm living the life full
Aye, this is my life, this is my life ooh!
Twenty-five hundred for a pair of tennis shoes
My bitch went shopping, bought me a chopper and some Jimmy Choo