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Lirik Yung Simmie Kill - Bill Freestyle

I be sipping lean straight from Texas
My niggas be wilin, they wreckless
I'm hot, I might fry your direction
The pistol is on me but that's for protection
I pop at you
I jump over obstacles
I'm smoking that strong, yeah my weed is so powerful
I cannot see you with brand new binoculars
You just pollution and I am too popular

Kick in your door, yeah my hitters they popping up
Smoking that Green Light so nothing is stopping us
I'm dropping the top on the bitch so it's topless
Smoking all day but I'm not Rastafarian
I just took your bitch to the crib now we partying
Gave her some water so she can put Molly in
And I came alone but the Glock be my guardian
Won't fight no niggas, I leave that to Spartacus
And I'm leaving Earth, I ain't coming back
You smoking Reggie and I blow that Thraxx
I'm calling the plug like I need the pack
I'm serving the fees and they double back
I'm dressed like a killa I'm rocking all black

Finna kill shit
Hit the kill switch
On my Kill Bill shit
I'm a shark in the water, you a goldfish
I got new niggas hating on my old shit
And I got it on my own I don't owe shit
Lean with the Sprite, that's the turn up potion
I be getting wavy now she wet like the ocean
I be blowing gas, don't care what you smoking

I swear to God you a little nigga
Every time I roll the blunt it get a little bigger
Backwood Gang, don't do the Swisher
I smoked out probably with your sister
My bitch look like a perfect picture
I'm on my grown man shit, you can call me mister

I pull up, weed loud as my speaker
Now your bitch wanna fuck 'cause she loving the features
I ball hard, you just sit on the bleachers
On the way to the money, never late to a meeting
Gold teeth in my mouth when I'm speaking
Gotta roll up outside because my weed be reeking