Lirik Lud Foe - Cuttin Up (Remix)

Lets get it, lets get it
Aye, aye (KidWond3r you made this beat dang!)
290 shit man, out west shit nigga
You know how we rockin nigga
Get yo' guns up get yo funds up
You on that opp shit, get mob stick bitch
Straight gang shit, aye, boochie gang!

She said she like my swag, I be cuttin' up
He can't hang with us cause he ain't cut enough (nigga)
You don't want war with us, you ain't tough enough (tough enough)
I just bought a 5th of Henny and I drunk it up BITCH!
You say you want some smoke, nigga puff it up BITCH!
We fall in KOD and then we fuck it up (bow bow bow)
We criminals, this shit can get corrupt with us
You do subliminals, we ride with them illegals tucked

I told these pussy niggas not to fuck with us
And shout out to the hoes they be suckin' us (gang)
I gotta get this money up, that's a must (must)
Used to ride the bus
See the cops then I'm kickin' dust (skr skr skr)
I cop a foreign, Ima' valet park the bitch (lets get it, lets get it)
I'm rolling with my niggas, I can't fuck with the opposite (gang gang)
She said she wanna fuck, Ima' charge the bitch (huh)
Ten thousand for thirty mins, give the hardest dick (wha wha)
I know you see me VIP with all this bling on (bling blang)
I punch yo ass in yo face with all my rings on (ba ba ba!)
Hollow bullets beatin in your chest, choppa King Kong
I get that work, I bounce it back like a ping pong
You Bill Withers, get you a shoulder that you can lean on
Just met a thick bitch, her name is money and she wear green thongs,
I heard you be lackin off that lean get yo snooze on
Get my cruise on, Ima mac with some trues on

Glock on me 4 got 50s they'll blow somethin
Any rapper want this action let know somethin
I let her suck the dick and I might expose or somethin
I called bro out the van now the 4s is comin
I don't talk I call varney come do what you do
50k 100 guns at this video shoot
Hop out the roof don't run you know we will shoot
The swiper bitch don't like the bitch she knows I got the juice
The opps be off the xanny leanin they snoozin and shit
I ate them up in traffic now I'm just cruisin and shit
And who you think you foolin them ain't you lil bitch
Me and Foenem in west park just come through lil bitch
Gang shit copped me a mansion I'm the man and
Starin get you fanned so don't chance it
Bang bros even these stars I be slayin shit
I just fucked the richest niggas bitch but
I ain't sayin shit

Ima higher then the stars, coolin with the stars
I can tell she ain't never been in a foreign car (skr skr)
She can tell I get money and buy the whole bar
Last night I could've sworn I smoked the whole jar
F and N, choppa bullets they go very far (BOW)
I fuck that bitch and her friend like Hugh Hefner
And bitch I live the life of a hard knock
Have a shoot out with the fed I might kill a cop
Put this red beam on yo head like a polka dot (bow bow bow)
And if a nigga fuck with my bread, watch a body drop
Niggas in the house cause they scared, we pop out a lot
We pull up with Glocks, macs, 90's, got rugers with mops
And ion give no fuck bout no bitch I got all the thots
It ain't no lackin', keep that thirty, I got all the shots
I call all the shots, I got coke and all the pots
I pull up in a drop, throwin hunnids all out the top (GANG)

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