Lirik Stickz 150 Degrees

150 degrees
All of my niggas on grease
All of my niggas on Ps
And Scramz, my niggas, they bang
50, 50 run bricky, got K on the opps

Pepper down gyal, leave them salty
So much gyal on the iPhone, sorry babe, be with you shortly
Bro got smoked, can't see him putting things on a 40
I make her Kardash like Kylie and Kourtney
I caught you before, had you doing legs
Now you wanna go on like a badman
You dissed me on tracks, broski relax
Because right now you're going like a madman

Man don't lurk man shot
Pull up to your house like the cabman
Everytime I step, I pray that the cops don't grab man
Came to my ends, want cop a benz
Why the fuck did you phone me?
I don't sell weed, but I’m bare tweed, rob my man for an Oz
Niggas like cursing, gyal say I look better in person
See a peng ting for certain, mind out the mandem reversing
They said it let it rain on my block
I ain't see no cloud no storm
Can't be talking bout 86, them boys don't crash corn
Bullets gonna fly like matrix, them man don't want war
Check the score like, 3 dead, them man don't want 4

I don't need to chat, that's petty
I don't need to rap get quefy
With the white give becky
Momma should've named you necky
Want spag boll spaghetti
Someone should've ate their brekky
Told her, shit get messy
I'm just gonna sip my tetley

Invite man there, Invite man there
Man came with the wookie
I came with the wapa
Man act up, claiming a rookie
Don't gamble your life, told you before, the street's not bookey
The weed that I smoke, amm to the knee, sweeter than cookie
I don't want a gyal that's pushy
I'm in the trap house with the peefing
Man are trying to bang some footy
Smash up the grub, back to the yard
Bang some pussy

You know I'm old school like when clicks smacked up
K this, K that, man better do than certy
On the block with the 12 and the 30
We ain't doing lunchtime early
Just got a pack, man work see
You ain't trynna fly no birdy
This chick ain't my main
Just one of my persies
Chocolate boy so I let her go bite on the hershey's
I ain't sweet like chocolate, run up with the heat and popped it
Me fall off? Them mandem lost it
Batty boy, allow that gossip
I'm the King of this shit

Son of the Queen, gassed like mommy
[] trynna fool
Greens over here, your tings crummy
Trap life, better act right
Go and get yourself some money
Man see me on the backpack, never seen a man so []
Drillers on foot, drillers on car, drillers on peds
Man move [], and put a .35 on your head

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