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Lyrics Christian The Ambassador - Yah You See Me

Really this is not a new assignment
Really this is just a newer climate
God gives a blank check expecting you to sign it
Lose your life yep, but I bet you'll truly find it
I'm tryna maneuver like a Heimlich, I don't wanna trip
On a God that's known to spilt us and remove us like a minus
I gotta time this perfectly

Got divine lines and I'm tryna spit with kindness, work with me
You hustle with a rock, we hustle for the Rock
You hustle for a knot, we hustle for eternal guap
I know some real hustlers, real ambassadors
Matter fact you'll laugh but some are all layers in Africa
You shouldn't laugh because they're lapping us
They stay on track, they're looking back like you can't run half a lap with us
You're like the master was, doing like the master does
Makes me wanna play my role like a actor does

You see me
You see me
You see me
You see me

There's a mark, ain't nobody's hitting it
I know the day is young so you're getting it
Of course they pour more and more so you're sipping it
Them Maybachs like a sway back, you're whipping it
I've witnessed it, most of this is just appearance
Most of y'all are still living with your parents
God made men so men would shine for certain
But made them for himself, put me in your mind, you're certain
That's why you get fly, then we find you're hurtin'
Not what it seems, that's the man behind the curtain
You say I'm preachy, that's my M.O.

I heard you saying "Amen, " I thought "Okay then, that's my inroad"
"Jesus wept." How about that? Not too much, short and sweet
When he wept for sin and death, now we ask for your belief
Whether you are out the womb, out the church, out the pen
You're a soul for a soul we know we are out to win

You see me
You see me
You see me
You see me

I hustle for the real Jesus 'cause he's a beast
Not that dude that you'll use up in your Jesus piece
Or that God, taught the day it got me so confused
I thought God was the diamonds or the gold y'all use
Used to teach us how to hustle, we listenin' too
He knows street, his feet had a blister or two
He knows sleep, how sleep can be far in view
How to beat the body ... he's called us to
Now take that, try that, take it back, apply that
Put that in your real life and then put that in your Pyrex
Let that rock of truth do to you what it do
'Cause the wind, when it comes to say you must be biggest losers
Drop the weight, watch your plate, watch what you take on
Even if it ain't wrong, don't run with them weights on
Show up for that great fall, looking up like you ate sauce
Hope to see you at the finish line with them raised arms

You see me
You see me
You see me
You see me