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Lyrics Christian JGivens - YHWH

Holy Ghost I feel, feel (Uh)
It's JGivens
Preaching Yahweh what's his name?

Let's go
All must go no spot no blemish
Tales from the crypt of the King, who's missing?
Listen, the savior is risen, risen
Comin' with a entourage like Jeremy Piven
It's JGivens, alias the prophet
Holy Ghost defeater of the goons and the goblins
So titanic, no iceburg
All in your hood he flyer than birds
We all on your block pavement to the curb
Screamin', "My God's good, and he's better than yours!"
Men lack wisdom, very foolish
Steve with no Blue, very clueless
Yahweh, Yahweh, is King of the Jewish
Kick it with that lamb like Jerry Lewis
King like Kong, why live wrong?
When you can live strong, get your wrist band on
Live strong, live strong
What's his name? What was his name?
(Uh, uh, uh)

Yeah, this ain't hip hop, this is hop on the mic
And wrestle with Christ 'til your hip pop
Race doesn't go to the swift, need a pit stop
I'm just tryin' to follow in the steps of his flip flops
They are on the wide way, they think it's the right way
We roll the narrow road, we are in the bike lane
Parked right here, Holy Ghost like a driveway
Spirit ushered in, on this beat like my way
I pay tithes to the King on high who was every poor guy
On the side of the highway
Lightweight, I saw Christ with a cardboard sign then I cried in the car like Friday
Yahweh, promise you, his spirit follows you
Like tails do, on Sonic too
The war is everywhere, and Christ comin' soon
And we the street fighters waitin' for the sonic boom

That sonic boom is the end
If you ain't with him
That's your doom
And he raised from the tomb (uh)
What's his name? (Uh, uh)
What his name? (Uh, uh)

Yahweh, let's go
He's the truth, no polygraph
We worship the invisible God, no hologram
Three equals one, check the holy math
Knew you before you was born, sonogram
This ain't a game, right
He said the last is the first so we all in the back like stage fright
We rep blood no red rags
Just K-I-N-G of the Jews on his toe tag
He adopted me, my daddy warbucks
He said, be hot or cold, like Starbucks
No prenup in the officina
Remember that he promised you that he would never leave ya
So you don't even need to
Go through the court procedures
Married to the King like a Queen, [?]
Livin' single, oh, no I live with the Holy Ghost
His momma was a teen pregnant, Juno
Searched all night but she couldn't find a room though
So she had a baby in a coop, like a [?]
Barnyard born but King of the Jews
Those beasts got you stuck in a car like Cujo
Word got you bugged better give him some kudos
[?] that you ain't got room for
Kickin' back straight from the east like judo
One left in the field saying "Where did you go?"

That's Matthew 24:40
It said
Two will be in the field
One will be taken
And one will be left
That's the rapture (Uh)

Let's say it again
That's the rapture
No I need a baker
Rapture exposin' the dirt like a white room
One guy caught up in the sky like a kite, dude
Comin' back like a mighty wind no typhoon
You preach Yahweh, and they won't like you
Hungry? Thirsty? Man you need the right food
Ever seen everything written in the Bible?
He don't even need to rhyme, like a haiku
We don't freestyle, we write down what the sight views