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Lirik Lagu Rohani Tricia - What I Know

It's been another day when it seems like faith eludes me
Everything's been so confusing
Fear got the best of me
Now I'm lying here
Worried about tomorrow

'Cause the weight of everything I don't know
Is so heavy I can't sleep
But the truth remains the same
Even when I don't know what to pray

But what I know
Is You my God are real
No matter how I feel
You've never let me go
But what I know

Is there will never be a day
You aren't just a breath away
And through it all I've gotta hold
To what I know
I could throw my fist in the air
Demanding answers
But despite of all the questions
I'm still giving You my life

And if it doesn't turn out like I think it should
It doesn't change the fact You're always good
Your ways are higher than mine
To love that's never failing
To hope that keeps on saying
Carry on
Carry on