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Lirik Lagu Rohani Beleaf - You're Okay

No one told me it'd be this good
No one said I'd have this much fun with you
They all told me about the hard times
But they said nothing about the miracles
Look, it's all good

No matter what you may do, it's all good
All the roses you'll take me through, it's all good
Just know that you're right with me, it's all good
Even if you have fights with me, it's all good
You're okay with me, you're okay
You're alright with me, cause I'm always
And there's nothing you'll ever do to push me away
I will be right here, I will stay
I will stay

Look what you did to me, this is a mystery
Don't worry 'bout hard times cause it all become history
Now look at all this time we got
And I know it won't last forever
But as long as we together
I ain't never gon' leave you ever
I'm probably gon' let you down, but I'll always lift you up
That means I'm praying for you, boy
Yeah, I'm praying for you, shorty
He got plans for you

I'm example of a man for you
That's a lot of weight, oh that's a lot of weight
Oh, that's a lottery that resides inside of me
That's a glass half full, we just clay and pottery
And I'm just walkin' with ya
Those footsteps I laid down
I'm embarking with you when you step in them
Realize you reppin' Him

No weapon formed against you prosperin'
Don't do the opposite of whatever was deposited
Cause nobody stopping it, no chocolate babies
Even when you get grown and leave home
No if's, and's, or maybes, those gon' be my babies