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Lyrics Christian Close Your Eyes - Keep The Lights On

Everything that I despise
Consumes me when I close my eyes
I don't know if I can change the way I feel
Despite the light that you have shone
The dark has become what I know
I am fighting to find my way out of it

I am trying so hard to forget
This constant aching feeling that stirs inside my chest
The fear in me always drags me down
The guilt I feel will not let me up again; I am crushed by the weight

I was younger then; careless and innocent
I never thought my words could mean so much
I am older now; I should be screaming out
So why is it that I keep my mouth shut?

Why do I try so hard to forget
The forgiveness that is in your hands, and the mercy in your words?
You are calling me to seek You and find rest
And leave behind the emptiness that holds me in the dark;
That holds me in the dark

I hope you can hear me...
I'll keep singing this song
Even if there's no air left and dirt fills up these lungs

Please keep the lights on
I'm trying to make it home
The sun is sinking
But I won't go down with it