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Lirik Lagu Rohani The Founded Trio & Band - You Make Me

If I could take one second and recognize the state I’m in,
I’m in a state of recognizing who I am.
Am I who I need to be?
And am I need of being, being whole?

And do I need to get with this control?
Control I don’t need cause I need you to guide me.
In a way, not my way, a way I, I, in You,
Through You can follow,

You make me,
And You make me like You.
It was never me, that I needed to run to,
To be, to see who You are,
You are the one who makes me,
The one who makes me!

Now finally I finalized what I realized,
Realize my imperfection not hidden by this disguise,
Disguise of my need for You Jesus,
Now Jesus I need Your love to save me and,

Me has got to be safe in last place,
Cause I’m giving it all,
Giving it all to,
Give it to,

Without You, without You, without
Without You, without You, without
Without You, without You, I am nothing