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Lyrics Christian Hazakim - Kingdom Come

We long to see your face
Always being...(yeah)
When you take your rightful place
On earth as it is in Heaven
Heaven, heaven, heaven

Heaven heaven heaven heaven heaven
All of creation groans with aching bones
We wait and long for the day that his face is shown
He's worthy of praise alone, He'll make it known
When on earth as in heaven He takes his throne
Sin plaguing us

Sin paying us Great wages
Sins promised to liberate us; but enslaved us in
And Death is the payment
So now reminded that every day Creation is out of alignment
Examine the earth's plagues
Famines and earthquakes
Land is in worse shape
Cause man is a cursed state

It's all fading away in flagrant array of decay
But God's people can't wait for the day
That the Lamb and the Lion lay Dead and the Messiah raised
And the Messiah's name is the anthem of Zion's praise
Uhh-Uhh, we will not rest night and day
Praying even so great King
Return wide awake
Oh yeah

We long to see your face
Always being
You got to take your rightful place
On earth as it is in Heaven
Heaven, heaven
Up in Heaven

Heaven heaven heaven heaven
Heavenly Father, I'm terribly bothered by the scoffers
The arrogant markers who constantly block you from their conscience
They're declaring the mantra, of of The Tower of Babel
But with the sound of your gavel. (Slam)
Their power unravels

The blood of the infant, so young and defenseless
Cries out saying "Oh Lord come and avenge us."
The sin nature within blinds and corrupts us
Without you there is no justice
It's just us

Ways of the godless nation
Praise an abomination
Obeying their father Satan
Abstaining from the God who made them
(Uhh) Cause many cleary they have got you mistaken
They believe you will not return
But you're just patiently waiting
Not willing that sinners Perrish
Forgiveness we didn't merit

Lost, fearless
Now Gods children
You got killed so now we can inherit
You're eternal kingdom and then you'll vindicate your name
Until you return, let our hearts be the place you reign.
Ohh, we long to see your face (Oh yeah)
Always being...

You've got to take your rightful place
On earth as it is Heaven.
Heaven, heaven, heaven, heaven
Heaven, heaven, heaven, (Yeah) heaven
I can't wait to get to you
Messiah let your light shine
May it be in my lifetime
Nevertheless, your will, not mine
No stress, It'll be at the right time
Until then I'll be thinking of

Your goodness, with my mind on the things above
And the world will keep turning
Our hearts will keep yearning
Until your return and like
(God, God, God...)
On earth as it is in heaven
Heaven heaven heaven heaven heaven heaven
Heaven heaven heaven