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Lyrics Christian Lawren - Last Day

Yeah, ooh
I got a dream and an empty magazine
Yo this flow make 'em label stop promoting
Trying get to the top, I'm on a mezzanine
They don't wanna get popped, they got a Desert E
Rest in peace to the real ones
So real we can feel them
My whole real in the real, son
Green-bay, Falcons, they like it we kill them
We preachin' no beat up, break bread like a beater
Run in this race and then swerve like a cheetah
Switch the flow and delivery

I remember prime now, bruh, He deliver me
No sin in me, sweet like cinnamon
I'm cold I got a light like a ceiling fan
Son of Man, such a man, I'm just chilling, man
No dealings, fam. We came out of nowhere
But I'm confident like an old head, oh yeah
We got the summer, DJ in the back
We got the drummer
We gone show 'em Christ, like Mel Gibson
That's not Christ-like

"To hell with him" that's what they're saying
That's why they saying fake God like a sayin'
The bass got it's still not a curse
They call the kid lil' B game 5 yo
They want the green that's dust we want hydro
We drew from the water but you know we got a silo
On a side note, we bad like Rylo
God has forgiven, got a light like Kylo
This is pieces, welcome to my show

The spotlight's the one that's reserved for the Son
We are the body, we work like it's one
I'm a GA, but the envy got some people from the past wanna end me
I'm from the hood so the system wanna pen me
It's kinda crazy when you wonder where you can be
I'm from the south they ran away from Kimbo
It's 95 in December we're out here wearing Timbers
I don't hear no lyrics. No, it's all pop

Got a boss that a car drop but them boys wanna get buck like allstop
All stop, you ain't bout the mission
Just chillin' with John, you ain't bout the fishin'
They just wanna take it under cover
I just wanna talk about the one who really love us
He above us but He came down
Never stayed down, but He stayed low
He healed all my pieces, I break this to pieces
Thank God for the meeting I know that it's needed
There's no other reason we peacefully breathing

Yo, I'm plotting the next move we don't really care what the rest do
There's people that die here, you're worried about a restroom?
I need a savior. Boy I'm a mess too
Every piece got a story in the climax
Mine just start. Oh really where the rhymes at?
Oh boy, but at the end it's the Omega

I ain't really trying to save me like an old Sega
This is the last day, uh. This is the last day. woo
This is the last day, uh. This is the last day. Yu
This is the last day, uh. This is the last day. woo
This is the last day. Yeah