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Lyrics Christian Mighty Men of Faith - Just Hold On

Somehow in the middle, in the middle of the storm (the storm)
Somehow in your past, in the past where you came from yeah
Somehow in the pain, in the pain you’re going through (through)
Somehow in the midst, there’s a message just for you (you)

Someway when you’re down, when you’re down on the ground
Someway when you’re all alone and friends don’t come around (round)
Someway you fall short, when you try to give your best (best)
Someway you must reach way down, to trust Him through the test (yeah)

(Just hold on) Just hold on. To what you know is true
(Just hold on) Just hold on. When seems there’s nothing you can do
(Just hold on) Just hold on. Cause when everything’s said and done
(Yes there may be darkness) but in the morning comes the sun
(Yes there may be darkness) but in the morning comes the sun (yeah)

Sometimes it get’s rough, seems nobody’s there to have your back (your back, your back)
Sometimes you’ll fall off, and it’s hard to get on track
Sometimes when you cry (cry), seems nobody’s there to wipe your tears (tears)
Sometimes it’s much easier, to listen to your fears

Somewhere down the line, your family did you wrong (so wrong)
Somewhere you got lost, don’t know where you belong (don’t know where you belong)
Somewhere you messed up, and did that same ol’ thing again
Somewhere Jesus died on the cross just repent that’s okay you’re forgive

Someday you plan to get that car and that house on the hill
Someday you hope to get that job, gone pay you enough to live yeah
You’ve been waiting on your “Someday” to come for a mighty long while
Your someday is right now if you claim it and don’t throw in the towel
Just hold on….