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Lirik Lagu Rohani Prestonwood Worship - You Cover Me

Even though I walk
Through the valley of despair
When I can barely offer up a prayer
Still You hear the cry in my heart
Before I speak
You hide me in the shelter
Of Your wings

You cover me, You cover me
I'm resting in Your shadow
You're my strength and bravery
You cover me, You cover me
I'm safe inside Your presence
You hold back the enemy

You cover me
Every doubt is conquered
By Your goodness and Your love
Your faithfulness, a refuge for my soul
I will fear no evil
You are with me through it all
And in the struggle
I can hear Your song

I'm free, from the terror by night
Or the arrows by day
You are my strength
I'm free, come disaster or threat
You are my defense
You are my shield