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Lyrics Christian RedCloud - Krylon Teardrops

"I was a terror since the public school era."
Free styling to James Brown and Pantera
Make the girls cry and reapply their mascara
Then I'd take them out for some pasta primavera
"Back up, back up cause its on."
Yeah, you better back up with your acting up
Get on. Get outta here!
"Live emcee. You will die against me."
And I mean that in the mental cause I'm violence free
They need that visine cause they eyes are closed
Refinery fire for that miners gold
He used to say one day I'll drive the finest rolls

And "I'm only 19 but my mind is old."
Ah yeah black Dickies jumpsuit. Yes, yes!
And a fresh pair of chucks or some DVS
DJ Wise sports a native threads hoodie
A P.O.D. wristband he bought at Sam Goodie
"Reservoir dog style." Oh, yeah! What you think?
So you Mr. White or Mr. Pink? No coinkadink
RedCloud did it. Quit it
Rap critics come with it; with it
"He talks about it while I live it."
Hands in the sky for my ghetto lullaby
Butterflies flutter by like the lyric bullets fly
"Hardcore hip hop in its purest form."
In the form of a rain storm in a red uniform
California: Valvoline formula
In these mean streets in my lime green Porsche
Jet Li on the techniques. 2pac, Ong-Bak
Kind of wicked scratch that got's the west coast on lock

You went to the gun shop
(I don't wanna hear it!)
You mobbed on the bus stop
(I don't wanna hear it!)
Now you've got you gun cocked
Krylon teardrops
Now listen hip hop cause
(I dont wanna hear it!)

(I got it going on with the flowing.)
(Put your mic down.)
(I got it going on with the flowing.)
(Put your mic down.)

Yes siree bob, battle me. I'm blessed
I must confess "I play my enemies like a game of chess."
"Leave your 9s at home."
Yo, I've got a magnum of my own
"Bring your skills to the battle."
Bro, I'm bad to the bone
I've got a permit to carry, so does my DJ, yo
"Back to the lecture." Yahweh saves your soul
Turn your can upside down for after spray
"Here comes" the castaways
You know I "told chief not to start no beef."
He tried to shoot me in the face "I caught the bullet with my teeth."
Listening to the radio I hear a whack crew
Now I'm thinking "they need to not come out with nothing new."
I stepped out the hoopty with nothing but a cue stick
Catch the toys off guard and I'm about to loose it
Snatch it out their hand taught them dudes how to use it
Finally they understand it's just like music

Two krylons. One is avocado green
With the New York fat cap. The other color's hot pink
(Make mine a steak.) I do a roll call on the heavens
If I fall off the one *?* ladies seven
Latex gloves; bandana as a mask
A guy can tell from the crooks with me you know he's talking trash
Toys try to cross off six. They boring us
All the little dudes recognize me. (Shade of Borious.)
We got Too Shay and Taser. You know they (break it down!)
Uniques from Albuquerque's here. He just got into town
He brought FOF Woidamen. They loving it in Cali
And they're pondering the thoughts of buying homes up in the valley
(Hip hop body rocking doing a do.)
We got Sir Rock Domes and we got DJ DQ
All star line up; good company
I'm going mobbing. Anybody want to (come with me?)