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Lirik Lagu Rohani The Wrecking - You Remain

I watched You fall, like I didn’t care at all
Thinking myself great, thinking You so small
A window to my soul reveals a breaking wall
As the pieces of it fall, I’m hearing You c-all

Broken d-own, and You never made a sound
I’m reaching out
Will You pull me from the gr-ound

You loved me before I knew Your name
Sometimes this world just seems so strange
No matter, how things seem to change
You rem-ain
You rem-ain

Minutes tic tock by, hours pass
And a peaceful smile, has found my lips at last
No m-atter if this world is spinning slow, o-r fast
I’m safe in this shadow You c-ast

Broken d-own, can I give You back Your crown
I’m reaching out
Will You pull me from the ground