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Lirik Squad Fiveo - I Don't Want To Change The World

You say I got no motivation
And that's about to drive you right out of your mind
You bought a one way ticket to a destination
And now you're leaving me and all your worries behind
Well you said goodbye to yesterday and all we ever knew
But you're not the only one feeling used

Baby, did we throw it all away with all the stupid things we say
And all the little games we play?
Maybe you've heard it all a million times
But I don't want to change the world, I just want to change your mind

And if I go now, would I catch you at the station
Or would I find myself standing all alone
Cause I got a bad reputation
For not catching things until they're too far gone
And you might think I'm crazy, or just a bit confused
But you're all that I had left, so I got nothing left to lose