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Lirik Altars - Lower

The struggles in my life have brought me to where I am now
I’ve been put here in this place
It’s in my nature to dwell on the circumstantial flaws
I want to change everything

I’ve walked the line between the strong in faith and weak in doubt
My thoughts have raced, they’ve fought and they’ve tried to figure out
What purpose is, what purpose does, where does my life fit in?
The questions that I thought would fade away they have no end
I cannot seem to find my place
Can I embrace this low?

I’ve lost the path, it seems that if I found it I wouldn’t even know
All I want is to understand
And now I find myself here. Through all the choices I’ve made
And now we find ourselves here, through all these choices we have made
I’m too content with watching my life fade away

I’ll take advantage of this gift of “grace” day-by-day
It is apparent that I am the root of all my flaws
But trust that I will point my finger at every wrong cause
Pull me out of myself
Oh God I'm calling to you
Pull me out of myself