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Lyrics Christian Byron Juane - Mojo

I need that mojo
Pressure flow through my veins like the blood cells, homies in the jail cell
It’s all systematic, aimin’ for the addicts, spray your favorite rapper like an automatic
Tell me what you think, coming from the brink flowing like a sink, porcelain
Renovating things, I can’t, I can’t think, these nuances tangled like string
Tangled like Tangled on Disney
Houston we have a problem I ain’t talkin’ like Whitney
Shawty don’t you stress me out, that’s not the vibe for the day

I go west for the winter and I ain’t talking like Ye
Oh yay oh yay, dodging bull like olé
[?] switch it up, that beat’s changed, I’m changed
I know too much for my own--
Y’all take so much, ain't nothin' left
I know they comin’ for me
Need to run from these things
[?] tighten their hold on me
My plate ain’t got much, hungry rapper
Nothing little ‘bout my name, I ain’t your favorite mumble rapper
Factor like figure fractions faster than flippin' crack
[?] a little action [?]

What've they all done to the boy?
And how'd they do it to him so quickly
He ain't the same, got caught [?]
And now you see that flow-switching
And now you see that flow, see yeah
I don't need to see it

But let me see the [?] then I'll believe it
I ain't got the check in six weeks, I ain't received it, yeah
They want me to be patient
They ain't doctors, they ain't saving
I ain't checked into a hospital, but my vitals say that I'll make it
Oh Lord, have mercy, have mercy please
I've been praying long on my bending knees
Forgive me for the wrong I've done
Forgive me for the rapper's burden, I'm gone way up
Switch it up
All these young rappers always think they're tough

Lord and me got vows, holy matrimony
Yeah, you ain't gotta tell me if you see it
Prescription clarity, homie, for my eyes only
You see it
To go with the flow [?]
[?] want to quit
[?] of me want to leave
But I ain't all them, baby
I ain't [?] to leave