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Lyrics Christian Hillsong Kids - Love Never Fails

Funny Man Dan, it’s Dave, are you ready?
Are you out of bed?
Are you dressed?
Are you lying?
Come on man, today’s the day
You know what we’ve gotta do

I exit the house, and I’m in no doubt
That today’s another day I’m gonna let it
No matter where I’m from, no matter where
I live
It doesn’t even matter that I’m still a kid
I’m an itty bitty freckle on a great big earth
But there’s something much bigger that
gives me worth
More than money, more than things or a
vault full of gold
Consider me an auction, already sold.
To the man with the beard, no, not him;
I’m talking about the One who paid for my
So don’t hold me down, you can’t even try;
I’m living for Jesus, so watch me fly

The playground is where I spend some of
my time
And there are those who tend to whine
“So you know Jesus?” They say to me
I say, “Yo! Let me tell you something for
It was His love that made me see the light;
Set me free from picking this fight
So I’m standing up, not being weak
Gonna turn the other cheek
Not worried about what others are
My eyes on Jesus, I can’t stop singing
“Hey mister, what’s this song about?”
Love never fails
Love never fails
Love never fails

The truth of the word boils down to one
That God is love, and love is the King
Love your neighbour, love God, love your
Woah, just a minute now let me see
Did Jesus really say we should all love
Who hurt our feelings and step on our
Yes, absolutely it’s a well-known fact;
We should even give them the shirt off our
The extra mile that you go for a friend
Should also be the mile that you spend
With the people in your life, God placed
To see His love replace their fear, yeah

You did not just rhyme replace their, with
fear, yeah?
I certainly did
Come on, we can’t fail at this.
Don’t worry, I know something that never

So the end of this rhyme is to simply
The picture of love that you get
From TVs to movies and video,
It’s not all romantic and mushy you know
Loving the world is easy to say,
But trying to live it out loud everyday
Is a full time job 24/7;
But that’s the only way to bring down
To earth and let His will be done
And speaking of done, I’m finished

You’re what?!?
I’m finished
What, are you on vacation?
No that is the end of the song!
But it doesn’t even rhyme.
Why does it have to rhyme?
I don’t know, but it was in this book,
“Kickin’ it in Hop Hop”.
Wow, is it good?
Kinda but my foot still hurts.
What does it say about ending a song?
Well, it says you need a strong ending,
like the title of the song.
Let’s do that then.
Love Never Fails!
Oh, and then some whistling