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Lyrics Christian Madi PlayRadioPlay - Don't Leave

It takes a lot to phase me
I'm pretty stable I'm pretty sane but
I'm looking at my future
And God do I have to lose her?

We shared conversations
On how we're all just floating
Through space and nothing matters
I'm looking for a pattern

Is it possible to say
Baby let's run away to the east coast or Seattle
Corpus or San Marcos
I've got a credit card and a reliable car
Let's drive to Pennsylvania

Madi dear can't we just disappear and take our chances
On a teenager's romances
Put our money where our mouth is

It takes a lot to make me pretty angry, very sad
Now I'm looking towards the outcome
There must be some hidden reason

Is there any way you could change schools and stay
Up here in Fort Worth cause you're what I look for
I've got a hopeless crush and maybe that don't mean much
To you but I'm hoping this could keep growing