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Lirik Aesop Rock - Get Out Of The Car

I see how y'all be trying to front, man y'all be fronting, man
Been a bit since Mu died
Been a lot more loss in the wake
I recall thinking some day someone's gonna say it's all from the same cause and effect
And I just couldn't fathom
Blaming a whole new page on a made-up chain reaction
Each claim individual peaks and pockets
Pains and a slew of unique nuances

When you wake up 8 years non-responsive
It's a lot to process
Gone from a happier jack-in-the-box
To a package of clogged up chakras
Oh shazbat
Not the "ever after" he wanted from the "once upon a time"
Dot, dot, dot
Once upon a time he was so much more than a punchline for his own potshots

Ah, Watch the Impossible Kid
Everything that he touch turns promptly to shit
If I zoom on out I can finally admit
It's all been a blur since Mu got sick
None of the subsequent years stood a chance
Whether you his moms or his mans
Whether you his pops or his girl
I was poison, heart full of canines, head full of voices
Whole life trying to quiet 'em down
Like a suicide king with a knife in his crown
Hounds at bay, but they just won't stay
True friendship in a tugboat way

A go dark in the face of the fucked, when the fucked was a friend I was basically done
Into the woods go his alien tongue
It was that or a textbook faking of funk
And I can't
Here go the hindsight
8 years been one long blindside

I could pinpoint 7 more turns that occurred cuz he never really healed from the first
Oh what a world
Any hack is a myth, any dap is a joke
Any map is a trick, any graph is a hoax
Ease on down, I'm burning up, I'm bleeding out
Knowing ain't half the battle
That's a bullshit quip written by some asshole
You can own what you are
And still sit around stoned in your car
Not doing shit, halfway to nill
Cranky and waiting for a boss key and hat full of bills
Get out the car, Aes