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Lirik $Avage - Dna (versi remix)

you know how im bout to get with this mob
come from nothing boy that hustle shit inside my dna
daddy was a busta sucka shit inside your dna
stupid motherfucker when i shoot i'm harden with the j
tried to listen to your shit and i was hardly entertained

you don't have to look to far to see how far that i done came
lonzo when i ball - lonzo this is not no training day
you're a rat, have me playin' ball inside pelican bay
never that, been through hell and back my brother call me kane
never last if i didn't win that mean i didn't play
17- i'm in vip and i didn't even pay, that's the past
pnb my nigga we lit everyday bitch it's $avage
im not 21 but try me issa k (brrap)

at his brains, dissappear like david blaine
imma run this shit like micheal vick but my dogs off the chain
we run in the shit like pest control we only come to spray
catch him underneath the comforter he cuddled with his bae
tell her "point us to the safe" then we shoot em in the face
we some savages can't help this shit thats just how we was raised

we was on the blocks with crooks and killers, pushers, dealers
so i don't need no fucking mirror to see that i'm a fuckin nigga, yea!
man i'm black you don't even gotta check my dna
when its only cool on bet or in the nba
in the a, i spent 20k on everything but j's
what the difference from a slave and a nigga in a chain?
it's the same, every fuckin thang.....
gimme some ganja (rick james sample)