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Lirik Evil Ebenezer - Nowadays

Yeah, ahh
I'm no prince, I've lost friends, I haven't been there all the time
I'm tellin' ya all that real shits
So fuck ya all if you can't find some truth in this
We all guilty of something, puttin' money in bitches and frontin' 

friendships and forgettin' about when 'ya all had nottin'
Everywhere you go, people always changin'
No one stays the same no more, even I'm to blame, man
Everyone got their own agendas, all these people, all pretenders
Makin' promises, no one remembers, no one cares, that's the real consensus, paint pictures we've all seen
We all been through these same things, we acted in same scenes, we all had the same dreams

They say: "What you name?", "What you got?"
You mainstream, rock or pop
You hardcore, you stay bored
You lose some weight, we can make you hot
Chisel down, get a chin, lay off the booze, get in the gym

Make a hit, blow up, be the man, you can get the win
But I'm smokin' on my problems, sippin' on my henn
Sin outside in the sun shine, takin' it all in
They say I'm a little strange, ask me what's my plan
I say I'm evil, I'm fucked up. 'ya just don't understand