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Lirik Fat Boy Sse - The Weekend

Hey, you told me you loved me you lied
I had a bitch right on the side
You looked at my phone and you cried
I asked myself why do I lie?
I got on my knees, I asked God
You were my best friend, give me five

We used to sit around and vibe
Now you gon' leave me
I had your back when you need me
I seen this part of love when you fed me
We slept in the same bed
I know that we bumped heads
I'm watching my bloodshed
'Cause I love you

I know I did my thing on the road
I know I did my thing on the road
Dicking them bitches down
Flying them bitches out
Kissing them in the mouth

I know
I did all my thing on the road
I did little bit of dirt round your home
Flying them bitches out
Dicking them right on the couch
(Fuck it)