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Lirik G Herbo, Southside - Legend

Ask about G herbo, even Lil herb
Been Having shit
Toting pipes on Roc Block not the suburbs
Been savage shit
How I'm not a capper, Me and Capo
Been clapping shit
Designer Clothes
Average shits
Big Bank rolls
Trapping Knicks

Way before this rapping shit I has A niche
In 2006 I could've fucked yo bitch
In 2006 I probably fucked yo bitch
Me and foenem running shit she probably bust her clit
Any who, Present Tense, I'm that nigga now
My ID a passport cuz I get a round
Caddy Trucks and Fast foreigns how I transport
Got my gang plus another 50 on the dashboard
That's 200 for the stupids that ain't with the movement
958 Young Sizzle and G herbo had to do it
Yeah that's 808 plus 150, I can't lie I'm high as shit
I been counting so much money lately I'm just adding shit
Skinny Jeans, 40 on me, somewhere reach i'm grabbing it
Much as I still be discrete, everybody know I'm riding with it
Chopper let off start rattling
30s on me when i'm traveling

Bond money on bond money and I ain't tryna hit no gaveling
Every where I go real niggas with me it's a gathering
Going Under running outta money that's embarrassing
You ain't have it acting like you got it man that's even worse
Head and body full ain't even win call ya Steven Kerr
Told young sizzle go getchu a lamb let me keep the vert
Told him just to Dash
Fuck around and Crash
And pay for another one, bitch you know we cashing
This rollie a 41 diamonds on me splashing
I ain't even cop my charm yet
Walk around like a bomb threat
Soon as I walk in any mall, everybody high off contact
Coppin shit

Even though ion like Politics
Trump you can suck Osama Dick
Hillary can suck Obama Dick
Ion even know shit they did for us, all I know get money bitch
My bezel frozen, but when I wanna switch em up my schedule is golden
Bitches be choosing but none of these bitches I'm chosen
Gone off the potion
Got a shirt open

Don't even want it get behind baby start slurping and sloping
I ain't tryna do no romantic, I don't know what you was hoping
And they love me In Toronto like I was Demar DeRozan
And I ain't even go yet 15k that's the least for a show
But really though they ain't need no check
Count that shit up all day, like a cashier
All in the express lane flying past yeah
5am like everynight, bitch I put in hours
Ion even know what I'm working on Mixtape or an Album