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Lirik G Herbo - We Ball

Yeah, G herbo
Wake up thinking feeling on some lil herb shit you know no limit
Rip them niggas man Vonny, Slim, Wet Mouth , One Eye, Chico, Vito

I seen Kobe die that was my young nigga, he was laying front McDonalds​ with them slugs in him
I had blood all on my nike's wasn't no blood in him
Couldn't handle it but that wasn't like me crying rip my white tee
But I'm balling now just like em oou i'm lit i'm icy
VVS can't clear this stress I need my bros beside me
7 am rollin riding me and my bros was sliding
No deciding homicide him, all them niggas hiding
Can't show love in these streets you get your feeling hurt
Put your trust in these niggas that got my nigga murked
Lil Roc was with me in this shit but now he in the dirt
Cap was with me hitting niggas they just hit him worse, why they get him first

And earlier that day we just was talking, how the fuck you let a nigga catch you walking, why you ain't have that missile up and spark it
How you go out right infront of Squeek apartment
When I look in Wop eyes its like he lost it, I look at Lil Mike eyes he really lost it

In these streets so much he look exhausted, and if he need anything I tell him call me
I can't forget about Big Losk thats like forgetting Mally
I was driving cars stolen tryna get with Mally
Now I'm riding Rovers,Royces tryna get with Mally
Lil No Limit Mally thats my dawgy
And I rap about the struggle cause thats all me
I remember shooting niggas all week, standing over niggas catching all B's

Trying to fill a bag up like I'm Aldi's
And no wonder niggas gettin called sweet
Slim, Wet, One Eye bitch them all G's
Pull up on his block we shooting all three's
If its 3 niggas standing we want all 3