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Lirik Pak Man, Young Smokes - Active

Still Legendary Big 'Pakachino'
You ever drove a hundred miles to grab a kilo?
Blow a couple bags, camo on my Valentino
I direct shit like Tarantino
Active now I got my cash right
Had a mad life now my jackets cost a Bag-Five
Hundred grand I'm on
What's that babe, Yves Saint Laurent?
My team tryna run the city like a marathon
Trapstar you already know this
Pull up in a flash car
My watch costs a whole brick
Versace with Swarovski make you notice me
My money too long to link a broke bitch, please
Out here cameras are watching us
Hammers I'm stocking up
I ran through a lot of grub
I just knock it out like I'm Anthony Joshua
Legends in the street I told the mandem we got a boss

I was out here in the rain bro
Tryna Make dough and my mom told me stay home
Lot of Am lot of yayo
I'm in the game so
Don't slip here get your face blown
I'm ducking feds in them plain clothes
Blowing main roads
I'm still out here with my same bros
Us and them are not the same, no
You see my chain glow
Wrist brighter than a rainbow

I make a deal with the plug and then I shake hands
My money's fat for elastics, I break bands
And for them times that I weighed grams
Now the stones on my watch are looking like they break-dance
Your favourite rapper's fake
He ain't ever seen squares
Young Smokes just spent thousands on D-Squared
I'm with KD, speeding in the R8
Next summer man I might cop a R8
Used to stamp on it if I had no gilettes
I made an extra £20,000, never broke a sweat
I gave my chick my stick and she ain't give me no complaints
I've put in mad years you've been on the road for days
I went and told myself; 'Look, I don't do Ticks'
Now the Rolex on my wrist, it don't do ticks
Tell a bad bitch to come and hold me down
I'm a Highgate boy but I'm still out of town