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Lirik S Wavey, M Dargg, Jboy - Do It Like

Free Cazz, they tryna do man dirty
I have my young boys on the opp block, 2 man double tap tryna keep up worksy
Can't forget Chargie my nigga, he was way to worky
I told MVP dont splash him, It was late night tryna blaze man pursey
Countless chingings, this shit got ridiculous
Until with a bally come bring this mop
Coming like we gotta clean ?
Cos, and I know nobody's plug's never missing it
I tell them if they come short on a pack
One phone call had my hitters gripping em
Left step, right step, Man this shits so diligent
Man aigon bop when we step, No AM’s Mans tryna get rid of him
Left step, Right [boom]

Tryna get rid of him
I can't slip not once, grab my joints and finish him
Double tap that joint, BT's tapped on a pole he's gripping it
Get me down? You little clown, you're just flipping it
Do it like perm, ain't missing it
Me and my bro's are living it
Dip man up, do that work, still take music serious
And them man try claim worksy, you was locked up you're moving all nerdy
And let me tell you some facts
If we defo ain't getting you, then we're defo getting your dad
Anything green they run
Man dont want it
Better hide boy, or opp boys starting to get bun
Right now getting all amped, see the opp boys all of them dash
Man just blowing on trees
Favourite pack of straight amneesh (yes, yes)

Real Gs out on the A, more time I show them love (aigons)
Girls ask me for a 8th, more time I show them buds (healthy)
More time I show them drugs, more time they warn' for show man hugs
I don't tell her rate that lotion stuff
Oh god, oh god, oh god
Young Gs on a ped tryna itch him
God knows I ain't into the fisting
Why do you think there ain't no knives in the kitchen
Opps on the net and they can't stop bitching
Like, all i do is witness guys, like, do it for the bitches
I spy, niggas that are victims, niggas that are chicken
Me and my Gs we stick together
I was with the plug tryna change the weather
Then I met his daughter, Crista Bella
Ice on her feet like Cinderella
Should've said glass but Im on whatever
Got 2 hands on my umbrella
She ain't gonna make me rich forever
Never let business mix the pleasure
If you got the cheese, yeah the mozzarella
Bang him in the face with a small Beretta
Send him upsuh he's a salty fella
Can't take an L, that's a faulty letter
Niggas in the station, acapella
How you gonna bang, gonna bang forever
Bang make the boy, did a Macarena
Bang till your life gets splat together

The pricks all sounding the same (stizzy)
My little niggas they're insane, and they got straps that you can't obtain
Two 9's on a ride, jump out whips and just move Max Payne
You think its a game, watch how fast I remove his chain
I dont change lanes from 1 5 0 that's the something i claim
Dot dot ain't got no range, I sku dududu mans brain
Investing crack what im telling em
From 1 5 to 410, we all throw B's like we come from Bellingham (brikky)
Corn for the riffle, could've been a Springfield, could've been a Remington
Guns, no we dont do selling em
Grease that, take that shit up to Kennington (see what Im telling em)

Jugg too trill
Got the sauce on spill
Tell them boy thats its muhh muhh season
And we tryna lurk for the kill
These sweets they burn
Car go 'skrr' when a handbreak turns
Dun leak fluid on these streets, like how come the opps don't learn
Still kick it with bros, and they vicious, we know
We went from different smokes, to different hoes, and different chromes
How many opps got got
We put chaos all over mans block
Real gangsters moving silent
Done with the tark, man you know what Im on