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Lirik $Avage - Gummo (versi remix)

A lot of shit has changed, watch me do my thing
No, I'm not Terrance Howard, but I might hit your main
Gave me so much head, I don't feel no brain
Bitch it's No Fatigue, I won't ever drain
Took her like a chain ever since it changed up
No that's not my bitch but she don't fuck with lames now

But that shit you talking we won't entertain now
I should call you Stitches, hating on The Game now
Different birds, different days, different nest yup
She like when I backshot, I make her breast jump
Good in the mid-range like Westbrook
In the booth, I'm Bobby Flay, watch the chef cook
Talking slick, you not Rick, that will get you hit
Four like a baby in her belly, yeah that bitch got kick
Come on like Porzingis , I'll smoke a pussy like a Knick

Let that bitch rock like a band it blew like a kiss
Money tall as the ceiling it need leg room
Slide through baby girl, yeah fuck a nude
Your threesome baby girl yeah I fuck wit you
I'm number one and shitting on em, yes I wanted to
That bitch spitting like B Rabbit, don't get silly yeah
Imma shoot that bitch till it smoke just like a hippy yeah
All my niggas know is hustle, just like Nipsey yeah
Aye, I get money just like 50 yeah
Get on beats and feel my sub just like I'm titty yeah
Get on beats and I go stupid just like Billy yeah
Shout out my niggas, this shit more than a milly yeah
About that bread and I be there in a Jiffy yeah

Mob shit man
We run up, middle of the day, shoot you in your face
Fruity niggas always run their mouth
But wouldn't bust a grape
AK, pop out out the cut with the AK

Shoot your ass then we do your ass like Kobe fade away
Whole team full of shooters nigga
Like we hooping nigga
Big shells size of King Koopa
Send 'em at your troopers
Fuck computers we don't do debates

You gone die today
Love my choppa like I'm Tay K
But bitch this not a race, first place
Bitch I been won, this shit been done
Rob a pussy for them bands, uh
Keep them hands up
Wrong move and I blam ya
One shot and one
We got hundreds in them AR 15s, fuck a handgun

That's the titties uh
Drum it hold 50 uh
Niggas iffy uh
Glizzy got the stiffy uh

That's that 30 rounds, bullets got em getting down
Pop his fucking nose, yeah that's how you kill a clown
Yeah you know he told but that nigga still around
A nigga snitching in the MOB and we gone kick him out
I'm on that cash shit, run up no mask yeah
Do a nigga dirty, rob him for his last yeah
Take a nigga shit
Fuck a nigga bitch

Shoot a movie, drop the shit unload the clip
Reload the clip
These niggas running lip
But they ain't doing shit
Shout out... stay the fuck off my dick! Bitch