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Lirik Big Lean Giggs, Pressa - Hermes

Sick, just got sicker
Dip, like a stripper
Stuck, like a sticker
She tick, like a ticker
When I get that pussy wet, she make it stiffer
Can't you see me swaggin baby take a picture

Holla buzzin
Cooler since the cooler bridge and cooler cousin
A lot of niggas wanna know what holla doesn't
But holla doesn't

Holla diggin
Holla duggin
Holla different
Holla stubborn (ooooh)
When I gets to swingin sticks its holla dug em
You don't want me pressin on that holla button
They don't want man bussin when its all or nothin
Mans about to fuck it up with all the fuckin
Catch me round the back I'm in the corner muggin
With all the targies