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Lirik Figure Flows - Hustle Blad (versi remix)

Definitely I hustle blad
Definitely I hustle blad
Definitely I hustle blad
Definitely I hustle blad

I'm back with the remix
Said that's four man spazzing
Said that's four straight wheel ups
That's four man clapping
Man chat shit I'll slap him
Don't tell me about trapping
I was on drop no lacking
More money needs more stacking
Spin man grime or rap
079 me, phone my phone get crack
Begging for man to go harder
Rob man bare face no balaclava
Man got plugged in and went all charger
Don't fly round here acting like Parker
Been there done that that was all drama
That's how life goes living in Kaza
Came from the bottom where it's hot like Ghana
Everything's good round here say nada

I've got niggas that trapped
Until they were trapped in the trap that left an example
So now I got traps worth big money stacks
Like crack in the parcel
Out sold gun but I made so much money of artillery
Man think I'm handling arse all (whoo)
Follow me so you can feel the bar (mad)
Run down niggas in my Wallabees
Now I just done a deal with Clarks (on a real my darg, you building lines, we building yards)
I played it and I was dealt with a poker face
May with the shoulder blade
Defensive, the way I conceal

Definitely I hustle blad
Definitely I hustle blad
Definitely I hustle blad
Definitely I hustle blad

Man hustle (yeah)
Push that weight man muscle (ah)
Put food in pink duffel (mm)
Got Ps in quick double (ching)
(Get that there, get that that)
D com looking like dropple
Land on your block that's trouble (ah)
Pie in the pot that's bubble (whip)
Please don't get a man started (nah)
Ps for the weed like granted
Oil on the floor, man marked it
I spilt two Z's on the carpet
Man trap with the target
Land estate the whole week like I charted
Car cam comes out when I park it
Right now man a got a hood
This is my spin

Told them I'll recoup, then buy coup
Boy in the back, he's known to shoot
Lace his zoot, lace his boot
Send him to war, erase a yute
Man don't talk, them man are mute
Them man are soldiers them man are troops
Trafficking white girls no I weren't cute
I had to move, no time to snooze
No time to lack, no time to cruise
Come to the Bloodline I will not choose
Come like woo, I will not lose
We ain't the same, I ain't these dudes
They couldn't walk in my blue suede loops
My ting's different, their ting's books
My ting's cold their ting's luke
Sick with the flow watch a pagan puke