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Lirik Jaykae - Headache

'Cause man like jaykae where have you been?
'Cause man like jaykae where have you been?

So first thing's first
Let me start by saying yo RIP to my G's and love to the ones they left
I need to stop living my life like say I've got one day left
I don't smoke when my mum ain't stressed
Don't catch me on the wrong day vexed
And trust me I don't care what they say cus' they don't know Jay like Kanye West

So watch his throne now, watch his space
You'll soon see my pull up in a new shape
Can't get surrounded by blue tape
Need to get outta' here before its too late
I should pull up on certain man that are too fake
But I probably won't for my yout's sake
I need to board flights with my suitcase

Girls get pulled like my shoelace
I don't care who hates
Fam that's your objective
Ban phone calls ignore the texts
Me don't care what a next mans on but it's my lifestyle that you're obsessed with
Middle finger to all my exes
Show them straight to the door the exit
If somebody ever kicks you down better get back up till you're respected
Trust me

Yeah man I got a son now so I'm more protective
Let me see it from your perspective
Fam are you sure you get this?
And yo blood this is Brum town not Beirut
How many mandem are gonna stay true?
Like who?

Yeah man couple day ones have been hating ever since day 2
Better move
Trust me they ain't got a clue
Don't mix the old with the new
Allow' that crew
Never say T R U

Ain't worth the shit on my shoe
Ain't worth the piss on the seat
Put this on repeat
Yo I do this ting for the kids on the street
I can make quids when I speak
So why do you think I make hits when I speak
Bare pricks try know this

I roll up anywhere and I don't care where I flick my roaches
I'm a bit para right now is it me or is it Cannabis psychosis
And I had to watch my cousin die so fuck Cystic Fibrosis
Now my heads fucked like Mitosis
Now my heads fucked while I wrote this

Blood I might put a crop in Sophie's
I wake up looking for cash rudeboy, I don't wake up looking for motives
I've grown up now haven't you noticed?
I fixed up now I'm ready for showbiz
Yeah I do what the fuck I want fam I got the power now didn't you notice?
Win or loss

To make it work I'mma do what it costs
Just got back from a show, had a wash
I'm tired but I gotta get Josh
Gotta make mula
Gotta make dosh
Try cause beef but you want it squash
Tell a man no
Tell a man watch
Tell a man-