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Lirik King Lil G - Free$Tyle

Yo turn that shit up a little bit more
47 in that motherfucker what's up
Yeah, 1 2 1 2 I can hear it
Lil JoJo waddup
Let's go

Respect my name when you speak about it
Don't get out of pocket when I cock it Ima be about it
Heard you tryna copy me and I don't even read about it
Other rappers on my dick and I don't even tweet about it
Bitch I'm on the grind, I'm breaking all the rules
I was swerving in that bucket now I'm ridin in that coupe
I go against the grain I done told you I'm the truth

Bitch I'm kicking it with my soldiers and I'm getting it with the goons
Fuck with us we'll go ahead and put your picture on the news
Give you a little fame till your record label recoups
So all my soldiers get commissary box of ramen noodle soups
My soldier doing time all the work he had to hoop
I only ride with big AK's or little uzi's
Young Al Pacino all I do is shoot movies
I really like your bitch cause she got a big booty
King 47 since nobody introduced me
They gon' have to shoot me
You suckers can't recruit me

These rappers with that rainbow hair, that shit is fruity
Come to California we gon' show you how to bang
Don't ever get it twisted cause we never gon' be the same
Ain't no telling what these Instagram model bitches'll do
And don't brag about that bitch cause I promise I had her too
What you know about these penthouse parties about the wrists
My dog out of prison so I showed him what he missed
And he told about the stories all the missions that he did
I love him like a brother so I'm changing how he lives
I gotta give him knowledge gotta do it for your kids
You don't need to shoot nobody when you shooting to get rich
Unless goofy motherfuckers really wanna test
I move a little different cause I really been blessed
47 on my chest dollar signs on my neck
My brother committed murder homie I ain't seen him ever since
Fantasies of J Lo's panties up in my bed
I always wanted Selena I wish we could have been
But I ain't tripping these new bitches can get it next
Cardi B in the backseat with Tori Brixx
They take pics, we take trips with powder bricks
We started rapping then all of a sudden we got a check

Ain't nothing like a sucio party
Ain't nothing like a sucio party
Ain't nothing like a sucio party hoe
It ain't nothing like a sucio party aye
L.A till I die
L.A till I die
L.A till I die