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Lirik Lud Foe - Big Tymerz

Yeah, I'm a Big Tymer
I'll show you where it's at
[?] House and make your bitch show me
Where it's at
Why you dissin' on me
You ain't get no clout off dat?

You let em' geek you up nigga
You ain't high off crack
And my Choppa real big
The clip real big
I punch you in yo shit
Now ya lips real big
Got a big booty bitch
And her hips real big

This bitch let me poker cuz' my chips
Real big
If I like that, I buy dat
Ex pill, try dat
That rented ass car, boy
You ain't even buy dat
Gamble with your life

Imma fuck 'round and buy dat
Private jet, catch me up there
Where da sky at
My house real big
My car real big
This bitch got triple D's, yeah
Her bra real big
In this Rolls Royce, bitch
That double R real big
Aim at yo chest, bet you hope your vest real big
Take it how you want it bitch
It is, what it is

She acting like she don't wanna let me fuck
But she is
Got a old school, new school
New opps, new tools
Pull up on a nigga with this bitch out the window go, to
(Clap Clap Clap)
When we hit a fuck nigga block, we gon'
(Clap Clap)
I know those neighbors heard those shots
All my niggas split wigs
Some of em' doin' bids
For squeezin' on Sigs
And they don't see they kids

I feel how they feel
They kill, like I kill
They live, like I live
They drill, like I drill
You gon' have to pop a pill
Just to feel, like I feel
You ain't never in no field
You don't feel, how I feel

Her pearl Real Big, but
I'mma swerve real big
I feel like I'm
Scarface bitch
My world real big
Glocks, 4-5's, Tecs, Macs
We got all dat

Pop a ex pill, hit my cup, to dissolve dat
You sendin' shots nigga
What you miss me for?
You suck my dick bitch
Then what you tryna kiss me for?
Uzi Gang, Shorty Gang

We don't like those Rugers (Brrahp!)
You a Smallfoot Nigga
All I hang wit is shootas
Aim at ya head, fork you
In ya Ramen Noodles (Bitch!)
It's about that money
Watch, I pop up, like strudels
I like dat, buy dat
Foreign car, drive dat

Tryna rob the plug, and take all the drugs
I'm in the foreign car parked
Valet parked, at the strip club
On the red carpet screamin'
"Where's the sluts?"
Fire you up, if you live
On yo hospital bed, hit yo room
Pussy nigga, then pull the plug
I grew up with the [?]
And I became a buck

Shout out to my momma dukes
'Cuz she raised a thug
And ain't nobody gave a shit
Stayed down with my clique
Some got it out in blood
Bitch I got it in mud
And my rims real big
My guns real big

Catch you smokin' all my weed
Have ya lungs real big
And if you wanna go to war
Hope yo funds real big
Got a taste for Marseille
Like my tongue real big

My wheel cocked, valet parked
Pulled up in a Fiska'
You da type to rap beef
But I wouldn't even diss ya
You at the light, we shoot on sight
We gon' get you
Aim at yo lips, let this 4 5 kiss you
Big shoes, big pants
This shit dont fit you
When I swing this fully auto bitch
I'm gon' hit you

Yeah I'm a Big Tyma, sorta, kinda
I got a Glock ninea in my designa'
She know that I'm the shit
But I still remind her
Ya bitch get lost with me
You'll neva find her
I hit it from the front
But I get behind her

And if she rub her lips on my mic I might sign her
My diamonds on my water
'Cuz I'm a piranha
My white bitch hide my dope
In her va gina
(Gang. Gang. Gang!)
My white bitch hide my dope
In her va gina