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Lirik Nipsey Hussle - All Get Right

Smokin Backwoods
Marathon Og
Yeah, I feel brand new like I just started this shit
Like at the beginning
I Know y'all been waiting
My foundation's solid, let's take flight

Turn off the lights, turn up my mic
Roll up some flight, let's all get right
It's that shit you waited for your whole fucking life
It's that shit you waited for your whole fucking life

I got that good, still in the hood
I kept my word, yea my nigga I make good
6 figure niggas in them v-12s
No tint nigga so you see well
My Cuban link that's 14k
My presidential, I wear it every day
It symbolizes, how I'm enterprising
I came from lint in Dickie pockets so I emphasize it
You check the filing, niggas say I kept it solid
But fuck the rumors, money talks and you made less deposits
I dropped some videos, you should go check the comments
They love me all around the world my nigga, what's you problem?

All my liquor from France, my cars from Frankfurt
Told them keep they advance
Distribute and market my label
I own it all, I own it all
Word in them offices is that I want it all
That's right I do, now who the fuck is you?
To question my request, I paid my fucking dues
Had a couple dreams now they coming true
I'm at the Porsche lot, asking do they come in coupes?
Walking out the club with a hundred goons
Magnum bottles of the Veuve, and a pungent fume
Model bitches stunting in them fucking shoes
Bring your homegirl, cause she coming too
Fast cars with them leather seats
Drop top she a fucking freak
Blow me down while we ride on pch
I'm Nip Hussle the great
Middle fingers in your face

I'm Infant Stone, I just came home
My flow is sick, disinfect the microphone
In 08 we told you we was never gon'
Change, and we still on this marathon
I'm a heavy hitter like Barry Bonds
Lightweight setback for a heavy arm
Now I'm jumping on stage with my jewelry froze
Fresh out, spending money, killed the movie role
It's all money in like a Brinks truck
And it's no money out like a prenup
You need to get your green up
Cause me and my team up
Light up some flihgt, lace up my Nikes
Victory lap, tonight is the night
This the shit I waited for my whole fucking life
This the shit I waited for my whole fucking life (Stone)

Like that
Fuck the middle man
Proud to pay, ihussle.com
Victory Lap coming soon nigga