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Lirik Plies - Fema

Welcome to fema (Welcome to fema)
Finesse, elevate, motivate and achieve
Let's get it
Wish Gotti, Youngsta Dolph go and squash the beef
Know that shit ain't none of my business, I like to see niggas eat
I done pulled up in that Muslanne, I done caught a body
Say she don't want to go to sleep, I told her "Pop a molly"
Nickname cement, bitch, I'm super solid
You don't like me? Bobby Brown, bitch, that your perogative

Laid in plenty niggas bushes, I ain't discussing that
You say that you will pay me later, I ain't trustin' that
Niggas say my name, he must be droppin' a mixtape
Think I won't bust at you in public, that's a mistake
Jack called, I'm goin' to get it, ain't no time to sleep
I ain't tryna make friends, bitch, I'm tryna eat
Came from the bottom, yo, look how time fly

Hard for me to trust niggas who don't look in my eyes
Nigga ask me, "Plies, why you buy the Bentley truck?"
'Cause I'on do what other niggas do, you feel me bruh?
Was on a beach last night, bitch massaging me
Whole inside of the crib in mahogany
I was never 'posed to make it past 25
Car full of yola, bitch, on 75

Up all night bitch, like I'm on a pill
Almost cried first time I touched my first mill'
Ain't no social butterfly, I keep my circle small
Doin' sucker shit out here, you come up missin' dawg
Put the bag before a lotta shit I used to do
Put shit before myself, that's what I used to do
I will fuck a nigga bitch, I'm bein' honest though
One thing I love about myself, I keep it a hunnid though
I remember them long nights, nigga, I couldn't remember nights

Bitch say a nigga arrogant, you fuckin' right
Shout out to all you niggas out here pocket watchin' me
I ain't gon' disappoint you, I'ma give you somethin' to see
Had to close another deal, it got me motivated
Niggas actin' like bitches, I don't tolerate it
If you cross me, it ain't nothin', just stay over there
Bitch, my house ain't no museum, you got to fuck in here

By any means out here, bitch, Kevin Gates
Ho told me I was poppin', bitch, you kinda late
Lotta you niggas still sleep, you hit the snooze button
Bitch, I'm out here sitll grindin', bitch at two or somethin'

Still ridin' with the stick, it ain't my fault bruh
Too many niggas out here droppin' salt bruh
I'm just tryna get a sack and stay in my own lane
Money come before the pussy, I hope you understand
And all you beggin' ass bitches, I ain't friendly ho
And tell your nosey ass friends mind they business ho
And when it's time to go to war, niggas bitch up
You niggas sold out for the bag, I never switched up