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Lirik Renni Rucci - Freestyle

Shout out the whole city
It's Renni Rucci
The Goat
IMixNation for real

Yeah, shout out my girls in the Met
Who tryna run up a check
Don't need a nigga for shit
Especially not 'bout no rent
If it don't make dollars it don't make no sense
I like a nigga with bricks
Cocky bitch, yeah I'm the shit
I done got fine, flossy bitch in designer
I got these haters upset

These niggas love me, I think they obssessed
Chasing this money, I think I'm possessed
Seven days straight and I ain't had no rest
I'm going in, bitch I'll sleep when I'm dead
Know a real nigga that's locked in the feds
I send him pictures and I send him bread
I will not let this fame get to my head
I'm up right now, these other bitches dead

I'm just out here on a mission, I'm just running up these digits
Baby daddy went to prison, had no choice but to get it
Is she rapping, is she stripping? bitches all in my business
Tell her catch me in the city, perfect ass, perfect titties
We want Renni, we want Renni
I just started, I ain't finished, I gotta get it, yeah
I been goin' so hard to go get my cake up
And I look good with no makeup
Yeah bitch I'm thick, I'm a waiter
I don't get fucked, I get ate up
I tell these lil niggas straight up
It costs a bag, nigga pay up
I am a three, not a layup

Pull off on a nigga, then take some weight up
I just be chasing these benjis on benjis
Fifties on top of these twenties
I hope she don't think she know Renni
'Cause this shit is really no gimmick
I just been living my life like a movie
I hope she don't think she know Rucci
'Cause you bought a lil bit of Gucci
Should be sponsored by Nike, I do it
Pull off in a brand new Hellcat
Shittin' on 'em, know you smell that
Ran it up, run and tell that
He fell in love so I fell back

Play with me and get your shell cracked
If you got it nigga mail that
Got some niggas that'll sell that
But we ain't even gotta sell that
Your bitch tryna test me, you better go pray for her
If she a gnat I got spray for her
Wanted them titties, he pay for her
That shit ain't real, that shit fake love
He say he the plug, nigga you gotta show me
I don't want love, I want money
Laugh to the bank, this shit funny
I make these niggas go fund me

He a sweet lick, and he give up no pussy
You tryna see me then book me
Vet in these streets, ain't no rookie
All on my ass, yeah they looking
All these bitches big mad, all they niggas want Rucci
Killin' the game, bitch I'm Gucci
He make it rain, it's a movie
They tryna see how I'm moving
They tryna guess how I do it
Got these niggas all spendy

Why these niggas want Renni
Now they see a bitch gettin' it
Hottest bitch in the city
They can't even fuck with me
Realest bitch, buck fifty
I'm just keeping shit a million
It ain't on me, bitch it's in me
I'm just putting on for my city, yeah