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Lirik Rival Town - Open Windows

I can’t remember the last time
It even felt like summer here
And I could write the same old lines
A thousand times but it won’t change
The fact I might be making
The biggest mistake of my whole life
But everyone keeps telling me
These open windows never last forever
Cause nothing lasts forever

This calming breeze
It’s bitter sweet
These ceiling fans
Are temporary

So count me out or count me in
I guess it doesn’t matter
I just can’t shake this awful thought
It keeps me up that you’ll find something better
But you deserve to
And I know I’m being selfish
I know

I’ll just watch from the sidelines
And long for the breeze
That used to be mine
That used to be mine
These ceiling fans are temporary

You finger prints on the window pane
I left them there when I walked away
An empty house on a busy street
It’s full of ghosts trying to look for me
I’ll leave the door unlocked
Open the the windows up
I’ll let the devil out
Wish you could see me now