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Lyrics Rocky Badd - Rag Doll

I gots to do what I gots to do
Now listen
Mkay, I keeps it G shit
And I’m a keep it G shit
Niggas ain’t gone admit it, but niggas know the real
Bitch you was just down here in the city last year on Molly birthday
Broke as hell

You couldn’t even pay for yo way back
So you had to suck Joseph dick
What the fuck is you talking about
You broke crumb ass bitch
And every- no nigga ain’t never heard of you

Bro you fucked every nigga that got a buzz
Kodak and them niggas from Glo gang
Nobody know who the fuck you is bitch
You can’t even rap, like give that shit up
Fuck is you talking about, I ain’t heard of no bitch with makeup sliding down on nigga in the hood
Bitch how many bodies you got, hmm?
Shut yo dumb ass up

I ain’t scared of no bitch, I ain’t scared of Cuban either
Raps got y’all fooled, I know she ain’t no shooter either
Bitch thought it was sweet, till I caught her outta hell shit
Bitches was bout to run, and I still ain’t get my nails fixed
Fuck it

I’ll be broke, but y’all bitches don’t sell shit
Knew you hoes was weak
Jump in some beef so how you scared bitch
It’s the real B
And I ain’t come to play around this bitch
You in Detroit, I’m on yo ass
Y’all can’t stay around this bitch
I got a shooter with a drum
And I keep his ass on stand by
Bitches playing dirty then they mans die

These hoes be talking, I can beat em with my hands tied
Bitch ain’t have no hands, even her mans ain’t even swing by
Bitch ain’t got no friends, even yo mans know you can’t swing Ma
Fucked a couple rappers, now she think she the man huh
Was sending threats to Asian, how you geeked cause she yo friend now
Got fucked by Kodak Black, but you ain’t got a Benz now
Make that bitch get on her knees, Tadoe blacked her eyes
You was dick sucking Molly, now she ain’t on yo side
Came out the stu and felt these hands, bitch I’m hurting yo pride
Lil bitch was playing tough, till I caught her outside
So all that draco, cut it
You keep telling me lies

Every bitch I’m with would’ve dogged every one of yo guys
Had my hung with both hands, you couldn’t swing if you tried
How you fronting like you won, bitch we all know you lying
Why these hoes don’t model, cause they funny rappping
I got boo’d in my city, cause they funny acting
Everybody outside know what really happened
These bitches soft to sum it up, this what really happened
Joseph begging Natashia to pull me off of you
The bitch you came with ain’t even bust a move
So if we jumped

Shoot, yo mans was right in front of you
You should be dissing her not me, but that’s what dummies do
Was looking for that chain, cause that bitch was coming off of you
Next time you know to shield, or this shit is off of you
If you busy winning, how the fuck you know what I can do
You are not a street bitch, you are just a prostitute
You ain’t hurt nobody, shit I knocked the lashes off of you
Bitches want some smoke
Shit, I knocked the ashes off of you
I’m a find out who yo writer is and smack that nigga
Same reason why a bitch always rapping niggas
Joseph’s pussy ass was shooked
My bitches should’ve grab that nigga
I ain’t surprised, same reason why I laugh at niggas
They just hate I’m in my bag though
My young niggas say I’m acting like a asshole
Couple niggas switch, tell I ain’t mad though
Praying on my downfall, but still ain’t got a bag though
And these bitches ain’t got shit coming
Only time a bitch is nice is when the bitch cumming
And they be stalking my life, but swear a bitch nothing
And they be talking bout ice, as if that means something
Lil bitch get yo shit snatched
And we ain’t lacking over here, get yo shit smacked

I mean sis when the fuck was it cool to drop a diss song after you get yo ass beat
Like you gotta look in the mirror every fucking day
You mad you took that L
All my bitches up
Dumb ass bitch

Try that shit again (All that ra ra shit y’all be doing in y’all videos)
Try that shit again
Bitch that is not true
Fuck is you talking about
Ain’t no fuck Bando, it’s fuck you
Where the fuck was them dracos at when you got yo shit beat in
[?] wrote all that shit