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Lirik Trigga Romo, Flip Tha Yungeen - No Hook

Romo, no hook
This how we comin'
Yungeen gang or no gang man

I'ma always keep it real, 'cause that's all I know
I ain't gotta up it, bro gon' bust it, I know he gon' blow
Lately I been gettin' cho, lately I been with your ho
Lately I been in different locations you would never know
[?] that nigga, pockets on a fat nigga
I ain't tryna conversate if it can't make my sack bigger
All about that money like a motherfuckin' bank
If I don't make it with this rappin' then I'm trappin' pounds of dank
Labels on my line, I ain't tryna sign
If it ain't 'bout a mil then that shit a waste of time
Bitch get on your grind, get your ho up off my dick
I can't stand you pussy niggas, swear you niggas make me sick
Thuggin' til the day I go, strapped up like the G.I. Joe
Play and I'ma let it go, might double back and spray some more
Thuggin' til the day I go, strapped up like the G.I. Joe
Play and I'ma let it go, might double back and spray some more
Fuck a nigga, I ain't nothin' like them other niggas
I'll pop out with that cutter, make it stutter nigga
Gang shit, when it's pressure we gon' swang shit
Man I swear them youngins dangerous

Hey, fuck a nigga, that's how we comin'
Yungeen gang or no gang
Free Youngeen Tay, free Tae Money, free Lil Iggy, fuck

I tried to give these niggas time but fuck it I'm goin' in
I wrote this shit so I won't forget, didn't need no pad or no pen
I'd rather stick to myself, I ain't in to making friends
My life a movie, I'm just tryna find a place to begin
At twelve years old I was jumpin' fences, runnin' from 12
Sixteen I had that gas, servin' all up in class
Didn't nobody want to support, that shit was makin' me mad
Seventeen got on a mission, I got tired of showin' my ass
Mama Janice had that bag, she put us in the yo
Had a deal in 2014, then we signed that no
We told ourself before these fuck niggas play us, we'll stay down 'til we blow

We was down, now we way up off the floor
We was losin', now we winnin', I been keepin' up with score
Once we take off on these niggas ain't no catchin' up no more
Free Yungeen Tay, free Lil Iggy, I know I can't help 'em joe
But when they get back out this bitch they gon' be straight niggas for sure
I know my time comin' even if I never sign
We set the trend, these niggas copy each and every time
Keep them squares up out your circle, they'll have you doing time
You can count your last bill of change with him, he still gon' drop the dime

It sound crazy but that's how life goes
Loyalty means everything, I'm one hundred plus more
Ain't no ho up in my blood, you can't play me like no ho
I got a heart of a lion
Through any type of weather, I stand tall like a giant, hah

[Outro: Flip Tha Yungeen]
Yungeen Gang or no gang, bitch
That's good