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Lyrics Youngs Teflon - Fire Water

The amount of money im gonna be making would hurt your parents feelings
You remember the class when i taught you all how to make it rain
Thats what im gonna be doing every single night

Close them windows
Or i gotta drive with tints
Coz i keep smoke and indo
Can't even trust these chicks
Hood rats they giving out info
So i just mind my bizz
And you know that i keep me a bimbo
Trap with a sharp one like sinbag
Coz i rap on tracks but i sin tho
The manna dont even make good music

But its mad how the boys just sing tho
2 packs up in the bando
Can't go home till this thing go
Remember had cats from spain
Dem man used to call me gringo
Niggas like me do road
You never gonna find me at home

You can put them on a X ray
You never gonna find no backbone
I can sleep with the trees in the house
But never did I bring my crack home
Now my emails jumping
Inbox coming like a crack phone
We just been playing with slacks
You ain't no nothing bout saxos
2 litre no tax
Just stylin pattern on the backroad
My girl shaped like a bottle of cola
The old types thats tropical rythems
Round here ain't nothing but dingers, pipes, rackers, hate and dinners

Everything i do just extra
Inside or lecta
These boots made by kanye
These air max made by skepta
Lifestyle mac 10s and diamonds
Really dont see no pressure

Stepped in here like a mannequin
Really didn't see no fresher
I missed petro with ting
Im in a 2 seater with tings
This girls in cling
Now im at a round table with kings
Niggas really dont wanna swing
You dont wanna see trilly in the ding
Thats nothin but load and ling
2 tap and your head top fling