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Lirik Yung Gravy - Boomin

This is a shout out to my new two best friends
bbno$ and Yung Gravy
Yung Gravy?
Yes, y'all boys gonna rise to the top

Took yo' bitch in Ibiza
Pull up with the visa
Wrist on freezer
Now I'm eating pizza
Bitch, it's nice to meet ya'
Pull up to Ikea in the Kia
Flip phone, Nokia

Think I gotta reup
Tortilla, name is Mia
Got the idea
Smashin' while I'm at the Ikea
Skrt in a Kia, huh
Gravy, Yung Baby
50k for a deal
You gon' get your ass served like a god damn tennis ball
Yo' dentist called
Said she tryna get the dick
Gravy pull up quick
Brush my teeth then I run up on that bitch
Lemme run up on a bitch with a Nerf clip
Goin' straight in with a soft tip
Hit her with a kick flip
Think I need a Trojan
I'm a big boy
5 pumps deployed
5 busts destroyed

It's bbno$
New Gravy, old Gravy
And Yung Gravy
And Yung Gravy

I'm feelin' y'all
I'm tellin' you, I'm tellin' you
I'm tellin' you, I'm tellin' you
Y'all are the best

Lookin' like I'm mofucking 2 Chainz
Now I got a few thangs
And a couple new thangs
Yo' mama, that's my boo thang
Chillin' with a new gang
Two lanes, do thangs
Gravy got hoop game
Gravy got hoop game
I got shoe game
Gotta cop my self another plastic ass two chains
Think I need a boo thang
Don't want a fling fling
Rub a dub dub in the tub
It's a wing ding, ay
Don't forget that my bitch real thicc
Pull up on the scene, lookin' clean, real quick
Gravy might score like I hit a free kick
Gravy might splash, make a bitch seasick
(Holy Shit)

And that's Yung Gravy, Yung Baby
Tellin' you the true story about the thots we don't wanna deal with
bbno$ 'bouta cash out, baby, ay
Y'all need to y'all names 'cause I think them shits is fucked up but y'all